Don’t lose hope by Patrick Mwanawasa

Patrick MwanawasaI know right now you feel that you are useless to this world; you feel that you have no meaning to   anyone. Every new day your troubles just worsen,   you feel that you’re so lonely, you meet your   friends, they make you happy, you laugh and pretend that everything is okay but when you get back home all your worries arise again.
You get into deep thoughts and everything turns out to be boring. You decided to log onto Facebook hoping   at least to be fine but still your friends just keep on asking you how you are and even telling you about their good life. You get hurt the more; you ask yourself several questions like why not me being happy like my friends?
Why me not having a job? Why me lacking tuition? Why me being single?   Why me not getting married? Why me having no child? Why me suffering seriously? Why me sleeping alone in this big room? And many other questions,
At this point you are all down and you may end up  in tears. You need attention and comfort from   someone understanding but no one to trust. Then you get down on your kneels and pray to God as usual to change your life but weeks and months go  by and you don’t get a change in your life.
Then you wonder why God is not helping you like the way he  provides to other people? You start telling   yourself that maybe he doesn’t listen to your prayers; you start to think that maybe he is busy for you or you were cursed.
But I tell you what my friend, God will never be busy for you, he is  watching you, he listens to your prayers and he  knows all your troubles. He will provide you. He will rescue you from that situation. You are not cursed my friend. Just believe and keep praying to  God, he will change your life, he will make a way   for you to everything that you need.
Trust me he  never fails. Don’t give up no matter you have many   enemies and haters who laugh at you. God will deal with them. Have it in your minds that you were not  meant to be like that, you will get over that   miserable life and you will be fine at the end.
Stay strong and don’t lose hope because you are not alone in that situation. We are all going through the same thing.
Patrick Mwanawasa is the son of the late Zambia’s Third President Levy Mwanawasa.