Don’t blame my Government for By-elections,Sata tells Catholic Bishops

Zambia’s President Michael sata has told the Zambia Episcopal Conference

Zambia's  President Michael Sata

Zambia’s President Michael Sata

(ZEC) to stop blaming his Government for the By-Elections that have rocked the country in the recent past but on political parties that are failing to inspire their members.

Speaking in a statement when he reacted to the Pastoral letter which was issued by the Catholic Bishops recently and made available to the Zambian Eye by Statehouse Press and Public Relations officer George Chellah in Lusaka today, the President says there was however nothing wrong with someone joining a party of their choice.

Sata says the principle of free entry and free exit into any organisation of one’s choice was enshrined in the Zambian Constitution and there was no way his government could stop those who wished to do so from exercising their right just because they were afraid of being blamed of causing by-elections.

The Catholic priests this week issued a Pastoral letter in which they expressed concern on various national issues, including by elections.

Meanwhile The President has assured the Bishops that his Government was making steady progress on issues of governance and improvements would be seen soon.

Sata reiterated his Government’s commitment to work closely with the church on various issues which affected the general citizenry.

He says he had taken note of all the pertinent issues which were raised by the Bishops adding that his Government was open for dialogue on important issues.