Divisions, PF fails to expel Lubinda

Divisions arose today at the highest party organ of the ruling party – Patriotic Front in Zambia as they sat to decide on the case of Foreign Minister Given Lubinda who has been recommended for expulsion from the party and government.

The Central Committee met at State House and in unanticipated turn of events some members opposed the expulsion as they saw it as a way of consolidating Wynter Kabimba’s motive to rid off all those he perceives as threats to his presidential ambition, a Member of Central Committee told Zambian Eye.

“There did not do their home work, they thought it was going to be a straight forward matter,” said a Central Committee member. “They have since deffered the matter to another date hoping they would gonna the numbers.”

The case will be discussed on a meeting to be held on February 28.

Insiders had told Zambian Eye that the powers that be are set to have Lubinda out. He has since been excused from his ministerial position.