Developing a winning mind



By Kelvin Esiasa

This week I would like to   share an extract my book which is about to be publish by Author House. The Book has been edited by Mr. Charles Chisala Zambian Daily mail Editorial Editor.

Many are the times that many of us have been told that life was not easy. Our parents, elder brothers and society at large have told us that life has never been that easy. So, to succeed one needs to be courageous enough to take up the challenge and pursue the great highway of living. Society has made us understand that for any meaningful development or progress to take place in our lives we need to work hard. We need to work hard so that we can achieve our personal goals. There are lots of steps a person should take to achieve their goals.

I remember how when I was growing up my mother could consistently tell me to look up to my future. She told me that my future was the most important destiny in my life, that everything else was secondary. She said God was first, parents second and I third.

My mother’s words were the pillars of my future; her voice used to ring loud and clear in my mind. By following what she told me I used to ensure that I did everything right. Her words were, therefore, the pillar of my life. This is why as person it is important that you develop yourself as a winner.

As an individual it is very important to look at yourself as a winner. A positive mental attitude is an absolutely indispensable prerequisite for success. Your attitude determines how well you do and how far you go in life.

It is very difficult to succeed in anything if you consider yourself as a failure. Looking at Jesus Christ you will be able to understand how having the attitude of a winner rewards. One time, after emerging out of 40 days and 40 nights of fasting, He was tempted by the devil. But due to his positive attitude he focused on the reward from God. Jesus resisted the devil and remained focused. The devil tried hard to thwart Jesus’ mission on earth, but the Saviour remained steadfast and looked to God for a reward.

One thing I have come to learn is that life is about winning. People who have focused their energy on winning have ended up as heroes. Sportsmen and women have become heroes and heroines overnight because they have won something significant.  The young man David became a hero among the Israelites after winning the battle with the giant Goliath.

Developing a positive mental attitude requires mental fitness. Like physical fitness it requires effort to achieve, but once you’ve achieved it, mental fitness makes you capable of achieving and doing things that will give you success and happiness.

One of the ways to achieve mental fitness is changing the way you look at problems. Problems are consistent and constant for all of us. They are like waves, large and small, that keep coming our way every day. The way you look at your problems and respond to them will in large part determine your attitude.

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich, said that within every setback or difficulty lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit or advantage. This may seem hard to comprehend, but your biggest difficulties are sent to you as gifts to teach you valuable lessons. Looking for the valuable lesson in every difficulty forces you to dig deeply into your mental resources and creatively find a solution to the problem.

You need to confront each problem you face as an opportunity to learn from. You need to learn to look for the good or the valuable lesson in every difficulty you face because if you’re constantly looking for the good in every difficulty you cannot be thinking about something bad or negative at the same time.

If you are looking for and thinking about the good or valuable lesson in every difficulty your mind becomes alive. You are filled with possibilities and creativity about how to solve the problem. When you allow yourself to become negative, anxious and worried your mind becomes more pessimistic. You go into a survival mode and your ability to be positive and think creatively diminishes greatly.

There is no achievement in life that comes by luck. All achievements come by planning; what you get today was probably planned yesterday. Looking ahead is the wisest thing you can do. Future thinking is another powerful technique that will help you to build a positive mental attitude. You need to give all of your thinking to the future because the past is gone. You cannot change the past. It does you no good to worry about things that have already happened and cannot be changed. Needless feelings of remorse and regret will do more to undermine a positive mental attitude than any other external factor.

It’s important to think about your future and the goals you want to achieve. The future is naturally positive and uplifting. If you want to develop a positive mental attitude you have to let go of the past and focus on the future and the things you want.

So go on to be the champion.