Deceiving voters, Scott orders PF candidate to knee for votes

Vice president Guy Scott told the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for Lukulu West to kneel down as a sign of respect to the voters.

Introducing Ireen Imbea as the PF candidate in the forthcoming Lukulu West by-elections, Dr. Scott called the candidate to the podium. The candidate who stood next to the Vice president was told to go on her knees to beg for votes during the rally.

Dr Scott also continued with the PF blame game by telling voters that the MMD and UNIP neglected the area. He said his party the PF would want to develop the area if residents gave them an Member of Parliament.

“You know what I have come here for,” Dr Scott said. “Vote for PF and let us have an MP from here in Parliament so we can bring development.”

Speaking at the same rally, campaign manager Mubukwanu urged the people of Lukulu to reject the opposition UPND just like the people of Livingstone did. Mubukwanu who is Mongu central MP in Western province asked residents to vote for the PF candidate.

The Lukulu West by-election is being contest by PF, UPND and Sakwiba Sikota’s United Liberal Party. The by-election in Lukulu will be held on April 23, 2013 same date with Kapiri Mposhi.