Deadline fails for Constitution process

After failing to stick to the June 30, 2013 deadline of the constitution making process, government has now given an open check to the Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution to complete the constitution making process.

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has told Parliament on Tuesday July 9, that the Technical Committee will complete the constitution making process within the given 2013 Budget.

Kabimba who was adamant and could not tell the House how long the committee will take to come up with the constitution said they will work within a reasonable time frame. He said in a Ministerial statement that government has reached a consensus with the Technical Committee to complete their work within a reasonable time frame increasing doubt among the citizenry that the constitution might not be delivered soon.

The Justice Minister who is also ruling PF General Secretary explained that the technical committee still has money which was allocated to them in the budget and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is also providing support to the process.

He has also emphasised that there is no need for legal framework to protect the constitution saying it is owned and protected by the Zambian people.Kabimba said the American, Indian and South African constitutions which Zambia look up to did not have legal frame work and the PF will work in similar fashion.

This has become the latest set back and postponment to the constitution which the PF had promised to deliver within 90 days. President Michael Sata when constituting the team in November 2011 mandated them to  produce a final draft within a year. But after many extension the team has requested for another extension