De-register PF, Msoni implores Registrar

Nason Msoni

Nason Msoni

We implore and dare the Registrar of Societies to de-register the Patriotic Front as it is now operating beyond the prescription of a political party, Political Activist Nason Msoni has charged.

Msoni has told Zambian Eye that he thinks as Registrar of Societies he is empowered to de-register political parties willfully flouting the rules and regulations that control the conduct and behaviour of political entities.

“There was a serious failing on the part of the security committee that sat and deliberated and approved the registration of the PF as a political party,” Msoni said. ”It is indisputable material fact that the PF is un assembly of violet men and women.”

He charged that the PF has transformed itself illegally into a violent tribal militia group that is threatening public safety and property.

“The threat is real and not imaginably. The failure by the police and the registrar of societies to curb and nip the violet PF now while still in the bud could later spell doom,” he said. “The unraveling octopus of Violence engulfing the country and being encouraged and tolerated by the top party leadership of the PF and at the same time offering fake soothing word of condemnation is fooling no-one as the people can see through their treacherous activities with the benefit of hindsight.”

Msoni said the seeds of violence being implanted today by the leadership of PF while enjoying the trappings of political power will certainly one day reap the fruit of their own violence which they’re sowing with impunity today.

We think President Sata carries the highest responsibility in ensuring that the escalating violence which is laced with tribalism is quickly brought to a stop, otherwise it may-be too late to stop it later when violence spins-out of control and he could be headed to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. This is a friendly and timely warning which he is at liberty to ignore or accept.