‘Dandy Crazy double vision on Airtel billboard’

Dandy Crazy airtelThe PF Musical director, Dandy Crazy, behind the Corruption-Inclined Song, DON’T KUBEBA on the AirtelZambia Ltd Billboard as he  says Nayamba Kuona Double(I have started having a double vision).
This is very true as this DRUG convict, with Dagga in his head, can’t see clearly but a double vision. He has been having a double vision since he started dealing in Dagga.
I am sure with ganja in his body Dandy Crazy can fly high to the sky.
Due to this double vision as a result of Cannabis performing in his brain, Dandy can unknowingly produce a Corruption-oriented song which was and is used by the PF officials as their theme. This fly-high performance has attracted Airtel to use the Drug convict as its main person to spread the viability and performance of the Company.
Without arguments, Dandy Crazy has become very popular character not only due to his musical way of spreading corruption to the masses in his DON’T KUBEBA song, but also as a result of his Drug dealing.
Airtel Zambia, with their publication personel, Drug dealer-Dandy Crazy, its popularity will increase everywhere and will boost the business.