The overall fill rate of dams stood at 27.3% until last September 14, said the National Observatory of Agriculture (French: ONAGRI), reaching 32% in the north, 11.3% in the midland and 6.8% in Cap Bon region. Additional water supplies in dams in the period from September 1 to 14 amounted to 4.3 cubic metres, reads a September Figures of the Month note, down from the average of the period (38.7 million m3) and figures reported in the same period in 2022 (13.7 million m3). These supplies are as follows: 86% in the north, 11.6% in the midland and 2.3% in the Cap Bon region. Consequently, water reserves reached 631.2 million m3 until September 14 against 769.5 million m3 during the same period in 2022, posting an 18% drop. They fell 23.4% compared to the average of the same date over the last three years (824.4 million m3), with the north having the lion’s share with 91.3% followed by the centre (8.1%) and the Cap Bon region (0.7%).

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse