CSAWUZ explains why new salaries coming in September

THE Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia has explained that the period between March and September when the new salaries will be implemented is meant for those who feel discontented to appeal.

CSAWUZ president Davy Chiyobe explained that although the development could be described as a wage freeze, it was necessary for the members of the union who feel disadvantaged to seek necessarily redress.

“People should begin to appreciate and understand why we had to go and sign for September because the real matter is that whatever we were doing, it was not what we could call normal negotiations per se in that these were solely different because we were implementing the job evaluation exercise,” Chiyobe said.

“You remember two, three years ago, government released some papers employees were filling to stipulate what they do, all their functionalities. So our negotiations were focused on trying to look at this job evaluation.