Create jobs for youths to avoid revolutions, says Nigerian preacher T.B. Joshua

During a Sunday live Service (14 th July 2013) on Emmanuel Tv, Prophet T.B.Joshua shared this message.

I am seeing a revolution. I am seeing people take to the street. At the beginning of that protest, it might be stopped. Eventually, it will become so big that it cannot be stopped. The Way Out: Job creation for the youth and the creation of a new social value system.

This is because 90% of youth believe that it is by becoming political thugs that they could be successful, especially because those in the political offices do not want to retire in politics and become statesmen. The youth, no matter the education they have, feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy. There must be new orientation. In politics, the youth should be considered for important positions such as assistants to the elders. While the elders are ministers, the youth could be junior ministers. This little example of being junior ministers can change the situation of things.