Could Your Teen Be Blinded by Love? The Six Warning Signs

imageParents: Are you worried about your teen’s love life? Find out the six warning signs that they could be blinded by love:

1) Secret/Incessant Texting
Your teens’ texts have increased in frequency; he/she hides in a room with their cell phone.

2) Loss of Close Friends/Buddies
Good friends visit less frequently or disappear from your teens’ life completely.

3) Trouble at School
Your teen is receiving bad grades, skipping class, having discipline problems and there’s been an increase in the number of calls from the principal’s office.

4) Preoccupied with Being in Touch
Your teen is always waiting on his/her availability or next date. Everything else is a second priority in their life.

5) Dishonesty
Your teen begins to lie for their boyfriend or girlfriend, making excuses for him or her and lying at last contact (ex. “Have you seen him today?” “No.”)

6) Obsession
Your teens’ boyfriend or girlfriend is constantly on their mind but they don’t want to talk about their relationship with you.

Warning Signs
If two or more of the above sound familiar, there is reason for concern. If three or more sound familiar, you definitely have a communication issue. Now is the time to bridge the gap with your teen. Sit them down and find out what’s going on today.

Dr Phil.