Corruption wins: Tender for Digitial migration given to fake Chinese firm

Dear Editor,

The tender for Digital migration was postponed 2 times last year just to accommodate a bidder who did not make a submission when the tender was first advertised.

The company is STARTIMES a company registered in China without any office in Zambia. It is alleged that the same bidder has come out to be the preferred bidder even when the bid price was the highest and to make matters worse the same bidder does not meet the minimum requirements in terms of experience. The bid price was two times higher than the lowest bidder i.e. $220million against $137million. How in the world did the evaluation team settle for such a small company with little financial muscle to implement such a big project? It is clearly stated in the bid document that “the average turnover in the last three years should be not less than the total value of the bid under consideration”.