Corruption is sinful – Fr Chibuye

CARITAS Kasama director Fr Patrick Chibuye says corruption by anyone must not be tolerated because it is sinful.

Commenting on justice minister Wynter Kabimba’s recent statement that corruption was not only a vice but a sin as it deprived citizens of social and economic benefits, Fr Chibuye said the Church should play an active role in the fight against corruption.

“You might be aware that during (Levy) Mwanawasa’s reign, issues to do with corruption and sensitisation were very high. Things suddenly changed when Rupiah Banda came into power. The fight against corruption came to a standstill,” he noted. “There is no way we, the Church, can pay a blind eye to this vice or pretend as though all is well and there was no corruption being perpetrated by some selfish individuals in the country. I think that is not right at all because corruption is a mischief; it is not only a mischief, it is sinful as it deprives the needy in society of resources for their development.