Corruption crusade is no witch-hunt-Guy Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has said that there is no witch-hunt in the corruption crusade the PF Government has embarked on.
Dr Scott said Government had found a lot of prima-facie evidence against several leaders who served in both the previous regime of former President Rupiah Banda and the current MMD leadership.
The Vice-President was speaking in separate interviews with South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) TV and on a live-radio programme on Channel Africa arranged by the Zambia High Commission in South Africa.
Dr Scott said the discovery of about referring to K2.1 million which was found buried at former Labour minister Austin Liato’s farm, and the over 2000 bicycles that were found in a former minister’s backyard was just a tip of the iceberg on the rampant corruption that took place under the MMD administration of Mr Banda.