Constitution Committee u-turns, says will only give final document to President Sata

A Technical Committee of Experts drafting Zambia’s new constitution has announced that it will not avail the final document to the public as early promised but will hand it to President Michael Sata.

The Committee had promised that it will simultaneously hand over the document to the President and the Public so that they can have input but it is now saying that due to lack of time the document will only be handed to the President.

But FODEP Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi has said the decision does not show transparency to the people whose interest must be reflected in the document.  He said there is need that the whole process is transparency so that the final document has the confidence of the people.

Chipenzi has since appealed to the Committee to rescind its decision and ensure that the final draft is also availed to the public.

Zambia  has been struggling to have a new constitution for the last 20 years that would be people driven and reflect the wishes of the citizens.