Constitution by PF is a Sham – Nevers

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy president Nevers Mumba says the constitution making process is turning out to be a sham with the Patriotic Front government bungling the process.

Commenting on the uncertainty of the constitution making process after the June 30 deadline by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to the the technical committee to handover the document in whatever form it is, Mumba said the process had suffered from the absence of a legal framework.

The technical committee had asked for an extension to finish their work but Kabimba refused to grant them that request.

“What is going on, the constitution is a sham. The PF government should apologize on the manner they have handled the constitution,” Mumba said.

“It is a process without a legal framework. Now they are forcing the technical committee to handover the document which is incomplete.”

He said a lot of moeny had been spent on the process to mess it up in the final stages.