Confusion rocks PF in North Western province

Confusions have taken a centre stage in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) North Western Provincial Executive Committee between the Vice Chairperson and the Chairperson.

Last Week the Provincial Committee passed a vote of no confidence on the provincial executive Chairperson Fabian Chiposo.

But in a turn of events Vice chairperson Toby Kandulu says Mr Chiposo’s vote of no confidence still stands adding that the party wants to do away with Mr chiposo.

He expressed disappointment that Chiposo has been parading himself as the Provincial Chairperson when in fact he has no authority to do that as at now.

“I am very disappointed that this Man (Mr Chiposo) has been quoted in the media saying he is the PF provincial Chairman that’s not true” Kandulu said.

But in a Telephone interview Chiposo has maintained he is still the PF Provincial Chairperson.

There are growing concerns that the in-fighting could affect the party in the forthcoming by-election in Zambezi.

Sources within the party have confirmed that they are looking forward to the overhauling of the entire Executive Committee stressing that the current one is ineffective and has destroyed the party on the ground.