Confusion in Lusaka City

Protests in LskPolice vehicle 1Confusion erupted Tuesday morning in Lusaka Central District that almost sparked into a riot.

This was after Traffic Police allegedly beat up a bus driver. Ordinary people who were at the scene started throwing stones at the Police.

Alert Riot Police quickly arrived at the scene on Freedom Way where people were mobilizing and wanting to take advantage of the confusion to express their anger on the recently hikes in fuel and mealie meal.

The Riot Police then fired teargas at the group that was growing and chanting anti-PF Slogans denouncing government for removing subsidies in fuel and maize.

The situation only normalized around 1pm though Freedom and Lumuba Roads the situation remained tensed with Police Officers seen around.

Removal of fuel and maize subsidies have caused protests in Zambia. The situation remains tense as Students groups and Civic Groups have threatened to continue with protests until government rescind its decision. A mass protest which has been described as ‘Black Friday’ is planned for this Friday.