Commonwealth says Zambia risks suspension from the group

The commonwealth secretariat says Zambia risks being suspended if a team constituted to review the petition from the opposition leaders and other Organizations finds evidence of human rights abuses.
In a statement which was made available to the Zambian Eye, Commonwealth Deputy Director for Communication Affairs Victory Holdsworth says the country risks loosing out on direct assistance from the Commonwealth.
Holdsworth said the Organisation’s ministerial action group will determine how the member state is committing any rights abuses and then make the decision to punish it.
She said the common wealth has received a petition from the Zambian group calling for temporally suspension of country and that the commonwealth has put together a team to review the petition.
Holdsworth says the common wealth was in the process of examining the submission and will be able to respond once it has done so.
“The commonwealth sectarian team will consider the suspension request and then advise the secretary general of the common wealth,” Holdsworth said.
The Coalition for the Defense of democratic rights which comprises of opposition and some civil society groups recently called for Zambia’s suspensions from the common wealth.
The group accused the PF administration of human rights violations and stiffing democracy, charges that PF government strongly denies.