Committee drafting the new constitution request for more time and additional funding to complete the work

The Technical Committee Drafting the Country’s Constitution has said that experts drafting the final document will need a minimum of not less than two months to complete the drafting exercise.
This means additional month to the earlier June 30th deadline that the Technical committee had indicated as the deadline for submission of the final document to government.
Spokesperson of the Technical committee Ernest Mwansa noted that forcing the team drafting the constitution to stick to the June 30th deadline as earlier indicated may undermine the outcome of the entire exercise.
Mr. Mwansa has also disclosed that the technical committee has already finished going through all resolutions from the national convention and that the draft persons have also started the actual drafting of the constitution.
And Government has said that it may consider extending the deadline for the submission of the final draft constitution by the Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution.