Cry to God, Southern African Presidents told

A clergy from Lusaka’s Tabernacle of Restoration Church has urged leaders from Southern Africa to cry and they should humble themselves before God so he can add more years to their lives, reports Zambian Eye roving reporter, Lameck Phiri.

Pastor John Joseph B T N’gandu made the appeal when he was responding to a question by this reporter on how the Southern African leaders should react to a prophecy by Synagogue Church of All Nations leader Prophet T B Joshua which revealed that two Southern African countries will jostle for power because of sickness and disease befalling their leaders.

Pastor N’gandu: ”A prophet has no decree. Remember, in the Bible the book of 2nd Kings chapter 20 verses 1 – 11 , a prophet went to Hezekiah and told him he was going to die but when he humbled himself and prayed to God and reminded¬† him of the good things he had done for him, God added more years to Hezekiah”.

Pastor N’gandu said, the prophecy could be true but the result depends on the leaders of the countries it is directed to for appropriate reaction.

”God hears prayers for those who call upon his name. Those who call upon his name in truth he will hear them,” emphasised the Pastor.

Prophet T B Joshua of Nigeria recently prophesised that two Southern African countries will jostle for power due to sickness and disease and asked his ministry to pray for the two African countries which he did not mention.

The prophesy has since sent brought panic among people living in Southern African countries which includes Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Democratic Republic of Congo.