Choma Roads pathetic says Mayor

Choma Mayor Jackson Makwamba has appealed to the office of the Vice President to help repair damaged road infrastructure in the township and district of Choma.

Mayor Makwamba disclosed that the state of roads in the district has become desperate as people in some areas have become an eye sore and were pathetic to drive on due to the heavy rains that has been experienced in the district for the last ten days.

He disclosed that some township roads were in a bad state and making it difficult for motorists to drive along them and further disclosed that the damage done t some roads were making service delivery in the district difficult to reach to some areas on time and was under serious threat.

Mayor Makwamba was speaking to SKY FM News when he toured the Faithwood junction, Roman Catholic junction, the Macha road township road and the hospital and shampande-shah roads today urging the provincial and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to quickly avail needed logistics to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

The mayor disclosed that his Office was concerned about how people in the district have been affected with the bad states of the road would receive quality service if they will not be accessed by road.

He appealed to the Central Government to find a permanent solution to the perennial of townships roads in the area which were being washed away during the rainy season in the district.