Chishimba Kambwili causes drama in Kitwe

By Gaga Usenga

Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili (in short ), who is also Minister of  Youths and Sports on Saturday, April 13, 2013 visibly harassed a certain man using the Police just outside Zambia National Commercial Bank on Obote Avenue in Kitwe.

The drama started from Compensation House in the morning where a certain man was reversing his car from the car park to join the main road, but to his surprise Kambwili just came in a Chrysler car registration number CK 90 and stopped behind the man’s car and blocked it for sometime.

The man hooted several times but Kambwili who had several alternatives to move somewhere else as there was enough space for him to pull off the car to give chance for this man to reverse, ignored.

Kambwili pompously told the man off in Bemba,”Walitumpa (You are folisg)” and later moved out and parked a short distance away from the scene.

After the man managed to joined the main road, he told Kambwili,”you are stupid” and drove off to ZANACO, Obote branch.

Kambwili got very cross and followed the man who had already entered the Bank. He (Mr.Kambwili) came and parked his car just behind that man’s car hence blocking the whole left lane of the main road, and came out of the car while shouting on top of his voice instructing the Police Officers guarding the Bank to arrest the man for insulting him.

This was amidst shouting from Call-boys and taxi drivers honourable..honourable..honourable!

Kambwili entered the Bank while shouting hence temporarily causing confusion in the Bank as the workers panicked. Later with assistance of the Police woman and another policeman in plain clothes, managed to fish out the man from the bank and brought him outside.

The arguments erupted between the man and Kambwili.

The Police officers wanted to grab the keys from the man but he resisted and was but forced to drive to the Kitwe Police Station where
the man was to be charged, and Kambwili later left after leaving some undisclosed amount of cash to taxi drivers.

Someone onlookers were very surprised with the behaviour of the Minister.