Chipimo Jr wanted to be president of the opposition alliance – Mulongoti


Elias Chipimo Jr

Elias Chipimo Jr


Mike Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti

People’s Party President, Mike Mulongoti, has disclosed that Elias Chipimo Jr wanted to be president of the alliance of opposition parties. 

And Mulongoti has denied ever attacking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for not joining the alliance.

Featuring on ZNBC’s Sunday interview programme monitored by Zambian Eye, Mulongoti who is part of the recently formed alliance said the reasons Chipimo Jr is giving for withdrawing from the grouping was not true.

He said Chipimo Jr, who is President for NAREP, had initially thought he would head the alliance when he first spoke to the initiator Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Fr. Frank Bwalya.

The PP president said when Fr Bwalya met with Chipimo Jr they had agreed that he will head the alliance and when other parties came in, the situation changed. He said at that moment Chipimo Jr realized that it would not be automatic that he would be president of the alliance.

Mulongoti also retaliated that he would not beg for a ministerial portfolio like what others were doing. He said he had enough of that adding that he was not in the Alliance for a position but to push for a leader who shall serve Zambians better.

He explained that he was sacrificing the presidency for the sake of the alliance succeeding in serving Zambia better.

Mulongoti explained that the Alliance which currently comprising his party, ABZ, MMD and Dr. Frederick Mutesa will not restrict its selection of a presidential candidate to members of the alliance but to all Zambians. He said any Zambian is legible for the position as long as one has what it takes to lead the country.

He said there was no political party that is bigger than others as all political parties are the same and will be going for the 2016 elections without Parliamentary seats they currently hold.

“Let no one cheat you that they have thousands, it’s a lie which thousands if they had they would win elections.  They go in the streets to hire these people.  When strong people come out you fall, MMD lost because we came out”, responded Mulongoti when asked to say what his party was bringing to the Alliance.  

Mulongoti said PP’s main focus is taking power to the people by decentralizing resource allocation. He said PP will not cheat people but promise what is practical. He said his party believes in giving power to the people to governor.

And Mulongoti has denied attacking Hichilema for not joining the alliance. He explained that he was misquoted by some section of the media who have a personal agenda to divide the opposition. He said there was no way he could attack HH through the press.

Mulongoti explained that the members of the alliance had divided tasks to speak to other opposition leaders and he was not the one tasked to speak to the UPND. He said he had a contact for HH and would have spoken to him direct and not through the press.

The PP leader said his name was used to attack HH. He said some section of the media were fond of attacking people they don’t like. He cited the issue of Kasama Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, whom the Post Newspaper reported that he was in Luanshya when he was in Lusaka.

The Post later apologized but Mwamba has since dragged the Newspaper to Court.