Chipimo Jr and Officials picked by Police

Opposition NAREP President Elias Chipimo Jr. and some of his senior party officials have been taken for questioning at Kitwe Central Police.

Police in full riot gear descended upon a guest house where Mr. Chipimo was holding a strategic planning workshop for the Copperbelt Province executives.

In the delegation is Vice President Charles Maboshe , National Chairman Joseph Mushalika and members of staff from the secretariat.

Chipimo was questioned for three hours for unlawful assembly. Later he told journalists that a warn and caution statement had been recorded. He vowed never to give up accusing the Police of following instructions from the PF who are bent to stop the opposition.

He said the acts of the Police were unacceptable adding that the PF was driving the country to a one-party-state. Chipimo Jr. said he will hang around in Kitwe to wait for his case to be concluded by the Police.