Chipata shoe vendors complain of competition from Malawians

SOME vendors who deal in second hand shoes in Chipata have complained that Malawians have taken over their business.

But Chipata Mayor Goodson Thole says it is difficult for the local authority to intervene in the matter.

In an interview yesterday, the vendors said the Malawians who were also deal in second hand shoes have dominated the business.

Alexander Thawe who spoke on behalf of others said Malawians were even selling shoes in bank corridors.

“We have gone to the immigration department; they told us that Malawians normally get (border) permits. Our concern is that as Zambians we have to enjoy in our home country. If Malawians are taking over our business, how are we going to survive? We can’t get our things and sell them freely in Malawi,” he said.

Thawe said Chipata vendors only buy second hand shoes from Malawi but that they do not sell the commodity in that country.

“We are failing to sell even two pairs in a day. Like today, we haven’t sold anything.