Chipata forest reserve squatters must relocate, says Sichone

EASTERN Province minister Malozo Sichone says he is going to engage the investigative wings to find out how the funds for the rehabilitation of houses at Lutembwe Farm Centre for the handicapped were used.

And Sichone says squatters that have encroached on the Chipata forest reserve must relocate.

Speaking when he visited the farm centre, Sichone said he does not believe that funds meant for the rehabilitation of the houses were properly used.

He said he was saddened with the prevailing situation at the farm centre.

“Gentlemen, we need to change. The funds were there and if you tell me to value (the works) that I have seen here, it is less than a million. I can do this (works done by the contractor) with less than K1 million myself. This is a funded project. You know what, next we are resorting to having anybody found wanting going to prison.