Chinese Ambassador Hosts a Party to Celebrate the 90th Birthday of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda

On 21 April, 2014, H.E. Mr. Zhou Yuxiao, the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia hosted a party to celebrate the 90th birthday of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the first Republican President of Zambia. Kaunda’s family members, Mr. George Zulu, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zambian friends from all walks of life, the Chinese Embassy staff, representatives from the Chinese community in Zambia and the local media attended the function.

In his speech, Amb. Zhou wished Dr. Kaunda a happy birthday and a healthy and long life. He expressed his love, respect and admiration for Dr. Kaunda, and urged the Chinese community in Zambia to do their due share to carry on the traditional China-Zambia friendship created by elder leaderships from generation to generation.

Calling Dr. Kaunda a hero and founding father of Zambia, Amb. Zhou commended him for leading Zambian people to break the shackles of colonialism and win independence and freedom. He also described Dr. Kaunda as a great statesman who facilitated the first ever peaceful power transfer from one political party to another after the 1991 general election, setting a good example for other politicians to emulate later. He added that Dr. Kaunda is an internationalist who contributed a great deal in accelerating the decolonization process in Southern Africa and pressurized the white minority rulers in South Africa to release Nelson Mandela from prison, who became a world icon later.

“You are a great friend of China,” said Amb. Zhou, “It was you who instructed your diplomats to vote in favor of China over the restoration its legitimate seat in the United Nations in 1971. And it was you who reiterated loudly and firmly about a month ago that ‘China is a true friend of Zambia’ when you were cornered to say otherwise by a Western journalist.”

Amb. Zhou noted that 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Zambia. He said the two countries had achieved a great deal in their win-win cooperation in almost all fields in the past half century, and assured that the traditional bilateral friendly relations would be further expanded and strengthened through the joint efforts to be made by the new leaderships in both countries in the future.

H.E. Dr. Kaunda thanked Amb. Zhou for holding the party in honor of him, described China as an all-weather friend and commended China for building the Tanzania Zambia railway line after Western countries refused to help in the 1960s. He said it was pleasing that the seeds China and Zambia planted fifty years ago had borne a lot of fruits, and wished the two countries achieve more in the next fifty years.

Mr. Zulu acknowledged, in his remarks, the warm and cordial relations that China and Zambia have continued to share since 1964, and reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to the further strengthening of the relations for the continued benefit of peoples from the two countries.

During the function, there was a show of clips from early documentary films and photos reflecting Dr. Kaunda’s contribution to China-Zambia relation. The Chinese community in Zambia also made donations to Dr. Kaunda for his efforts in carrying out charity programs and social activities.

Source : Forum on China-Africa Cooperation

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