Children survive after pit latrine collapsed on them

About 6 children from Misisi Compound in Lusaka’s on Thursday evenning cheated death after the pit larine they were playing on colapsed on them.

The children who are between the ages of 10 and 15 years survived the accident which happened around 19:00 hours on Thursday July 18,2013.

According to eye witness, the pit latrine collapsed on the children as they were playing on it while witnessing a fight in the neigbourhood.

The witness Evans Musonda who is also father to one of the children said the children were jumping on the disused pit-latrine before it collapsed and covered the over six children inside.

Musonda further narrated that it was at this time that the people who were near by went to retrieve the children but could give the exact number of children who were trapped.

The witnesses could also not confirm whether any other children was still trapped as he claimed that all children from his neibours who were playing on the property were recovered and have been accounted for.

The Fire Brigade also come at the seen after the children were retrived and tried the searching but could also not confirm the availability of any other person trapped.

The children are currently receiving treatment at UTH.