Chikwelete responds to Kabimba: PF only party that is not tribal in Zambia

Robert Chikwelete, Lusaka District Chairman for the Patriotic Front (PF) and the man spearheading demonstrations to have Wynter Kabimba resign as Chief Executive Officer of the ruling party has responded to tribal remarks.
Kabimba has said a clique of tribalists in PF have ganged up to hound him out from his party position. He says the protests against him were sponsored by the same tribalists adding that he was naive to think PF was not tribal.
The PF Secretary General who is also Minister of Justice has said PF is more tribal than the UPND they been accusing of being tribal.
But Chikwelete has reacted to Kabimba’s remarks in the following letter. Note that the letter has not been edited
Dear Zambians,
I write with pain in my heart that Wynter Kabimba can today claim to say I am a tribalist. Kindly note that the PF is the only party in Zambia today that has no tribal linings as you can see from the military heiracy below which is apparently full of Tongas, Lozi’s and Luvales who are holding key positions .
These are Colonel K.C Mutete Chief of Administration Army  pending Brigadier General is Lozi. Colonel Sibeso Chief of CRE Lozi, pending Brigadier General . Colonel Hakaningi Comandant Miltez is Tonga Pending Brigadier General. Lt Colonel Nameembo Tonga appointed Director Transport Pending Rank Colonel.  Courses Colonel Masumba North westerner currently in Nigeria  NDC, Colonel Zeyele in the USA  Tonga at the the War college and Colonel Inyambo Lozi Lozi  NDC in Tanzania.
Look at the Commander Army is Luvale and his deputy is Tonga , so please tell us who is bemba in these key positions?   Office of the Presidemnt Special Division is full of Lozis and Tongas and who has been complaining ?
Robert Chiwelete
Patriotic Front Lusaka District Chairman