Chikwelete in disarray, Sata now disowns him

Robert Chikwelete

Robert Chikwelete

President Michael Sata has now refused ever appointing Robert Chikwelete as Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka district chairman.

In press statement issued by his Press Secretary, President Sata challenged Chikwelete to show proof of the letter of appointment. He has further charged that Chikwelete should state which PF organ elected him, when and where the election took place.

Chikwelete who has been spearheading protests demanding for Wynter Kabimba resignation as General Secretary of the party locked-up the PF district Offices.

President Sata appointed Chikwelete as Lusaka District Chairman during the launch of the Lusaka city Road project dubed Pave Zambia 2000 in Chawama Township.

Last week Vice president Guy Scott charged that Chikwelete was not the PF’s Lusaka District Chairman. PF Lusaka Province Chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe then moved in and suspended Chikwelete for masquerading as PF Lusaka district Chairman.

Chikwelete had vowed to hold on to the position until President Sata who appointed him said so. President Sata who is also the PF president has now directed the Lusaka Provincial Committee to call for a District Conference where a new Lusaka district chairman will be elected.

Reacting to President Sata’s directive, Goodson Banda who was forced out from the position said he will re-contest the position at the District Conference.

Banda is among some PF members who were flashed out of their offices as they are perceived to be in the camp of Kabimba. Chikwelete said the District Conference will provide an opportunity to members to have a District Chairman of their choice.