Chikwanda Mildly Hits Back At the Cartel

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has broken his silence on the shadow succession battles in the ruling Patriotic Front by calling a ‘ceasefire’.

Chikwanda who is suspected by the Wynter Kabimba ‘A Team’ of leading the hunt for a possible successor from among the Bemba speaking people has taken a bashing from the Kabimba aligned Post Newspaper in the recent past but seemed to mildly hit back.

He said that there was no need for succession to take centre stage in the party as President Michael Sata was still in the driving seat.

He said that there was not yet a vacancy at State House and all the aspirants should hold their drive.

“People should not position themselves for certain public offices where there are no vacancies,” he said.

“For instance the position of President, there is a President now, there are some who are talking that there is vacancy there are making a presumption on the issue of the law.”

Chikwanda said:”Every Zambian is entitled to become a president but it should only be when there is a vacancy.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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