Chikopa must just go back from where ever he came from – Gen Miyanda

[Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda — 10th May 2013]
As I see it, even though Thursday’s judgement by the Supreme Court allowed the appeal by the State, my humble view is that the Dissenting Judgements by Supreme Court Judges Mr Justice Mwanamwambwa, Mesdames Justices Chibomba and Muyovwe are what should have been read as the judgement of the Court. The three judgments were crisp, concise, apt and devoid of political undertones and appeasement. Since the final judgement has been passed we are all free now to scrutinise and dissect it; I feel the urge to give a layman’s analysis and I shall express this in a fuller opinion anon.
For now I focus on Malawian Judge Chikopa, who has stayed in the country and even been paid a lot of our Kwachas from around April 2012 to May 2013.