Chikopa led Tribunal resumes sitting on Monday as Attorney General says we are not interested in the Supreme Court advice

By Charles Chitundu

Attorney General Musa Mwenya has stated that the government has no intention of heeding the advice by the Supreme Court not to proceed with the tribunal to probe three High Court judges.

And the Lovemore Chikopa Tribunal will resume seating next week Monday.

Speaking on a Special National Watch Programme hosted by ZNBC to discuss the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court, Mwenya said what was important was to establish whether the President breached the law by establishing the Tribunal to probe the Judges.

“The law is what it is, not what it ought to be,” Mwenya said in response to the advise by the Supreme Court not to go ahead with the Tribunal.

Mwenya explained that the advice by the Supreme Court was therefore not an issue for his or the government’s consideration. He revealed that accordingly the tribunal would soon resume its sittings under the chairmanship of Malawian judge  Lovemore Chikopa.

He said the Executive was constitutionally empowered under Article 98 Sub-article 93 to check on the judiciary through the President .

Mwenya said the matter had not been referred to the Judicial Complaints Authority for a full judicial review because the organization had ‘challenges’ which would not allow it to address the issue effectively.

In a related development Secretary to the Tribunal Chipili Katunase has announced that that sittings will resume soon. But Zambian Eye has been reliably informed that the sittings will commence on Monday.

The Zambia News and Information Services has since begun accrediting journalists who want to cover the proceedings.