Chigunta predicts higher economic growth

RUPIAH Banda’s former economic adviser, Dr Francis Chigunta, says Zambia will see an increase in economic growth because of the massive construction projects introduced by the PF government.

President Michael Sata recently launched the Link Zambia 8000 and Pave 2000 road projects.

Dr Chigunta, who is also University of Zambia lecturer in the department of development studies, said he expected to see massive and sustainable growth in years to come.

“During elections, economic growth slightly declined to 6.6 per cent but last year it increased to 7.3 per cent and this year, Bank of Zambia has projected a growth of 7 per cent,” Dr Chigunta said.

“We expect to see sustainable increase in growth and I think this will be seen by the huge expenditure on construction which has been announced.”

Dr Chigunta also said the amendment of the Bank of Zambia Act would in principle provide enough capital for local businesses to utilise.