Chief Shakumbila sends 43 year old Wife back to School

A Traditional Ruler in the Central Province of Zambia has sent his wife Exhildah at the age of 43 back to school.

Senior Chief Shakumbila whose Chiefdom is about 50 kilometres from the Zambian capital, Lusaka has enrolled his wife in Grade Nine.

It was revealed when Central Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale visited the Chief this week. The Chief told the Premanent Secretary that his wife was at school preparing for Grade Nine examinations which starts this month, November.

Chief Shakumbila of the Soli people explained he wanted his wife as a mother of the community in the chiefdom to be able to handle all occasions in his absence as she will be able to speak and write in English. He said it would be unfair for his wife to be using interpreters when visitors who do not understand the local language visit his palace in his absence.

The Senior Chief informed the Permanent Secretary that there are a number of programmes such as campaign against early marriages which his wife is planning to embark on saying this could this can be enhanced if she is able to read and right.

Mrs Shakumbila was later seen clad in Shakumbila primary school uniform while driving a Mercedes Benz car. She said she was happy that her husband has allowed her back to school.

She explained that she stopped School in Grade Seven after the father who was sponsoring her died.

Mrs Shakumbila said she now has all the time to continue with school as most of her relatives are grown up and independent.

Asked how she will proceed if she qualifies for Grade 10 at Secondary School, she said she would still discuss with her husband as he is also in support for her to continue with education.

The Permanent Secretary was excited with Chief Shakumbila’s decision and urged men in Zambia to emulate the Chief by allowing their wives to go back to school.