Chief Mwamba hasn’t undergone traditional initiation rituals

THERE have been growing assertions that the current senior chief Mwamba (Henry Sosala) of the Bemba people of Kasama has never been installed as a chief Mwamba or Mpepo.

But Chief Mwamba says he was installed as chief Mpepo in 1997 although he has not undergone the traditional initiation rituals as required by Bemba tradition.

Sources told The Post that most of the Bemba chiefs such as Mpepo, Chikwanda and Nkula had not been rightfully installed as chiefs.

“These four are not chiefs. We need the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Prof Nkandu Luo to guide us. There is no chief Mwamba, there is no chief Nkula, there is no chief Mpepo and others claiming to be Bemba chiefs,” said the sources.

But when contacted for a comment on the matter yesterday, Chief Mwamba maintained that he had been installed as a chief.

“What do you mean installed?” he asked.