Chief Kalasa orders killing of roaming goats, pigs

CHIEF Kalasa Lukangaba of the Ushi people in Mansa has ordered the killing of all roaming goats and pigs in his area.

This follows reports of loose goats and pigs that have been destroying and eating crops.

In a statement, chief Kalasa Lukangaba said his subjects’ crops had been eaten in most places.

He said the decision was arrived at during a meeting attended by eight headmen and 180 subjects.

He also revealed that the exercise begun on April 23 in Masaba.

Chief Kalasa Lukangaba said if left unchecked, the roaming domestic animals could be a threat to the food security.

He cited a farm belonging to LUFAID and Masaba Conservation group as one of the most affected fields.

“My subjects are reluctant to embark on agriculture activities for fear of having their crops eaten by goats and pigs.