Chellah Allegedly Deserts His Wife

President Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah has allegedly deserted his matrimonial home for a concubine who he is lodging with at the plush Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.

Chellah, according to Zambia Reports sources, has displayed clear inexperience and overzealousness in handling the fame that has come with the lofty position such that his own home is breaking apart.

The former Post Newspaper reporter is alleged to have been away from his wife of close to 10 years.

“In a clear demonstration of not knowing how to handle fame and ill gotten wealth, the Evelyn Hone diploma graduate of journalism moved out of his matrimonial home after the Office of the President (OP) Special Division searched his house,” a source told Zambia Reports.

Chellah, who boosts of being the youngest successful Zambian for earning a political job he bitterly canvassed for, is currently in Brussels, Belgium with his boss President Michael Sata.

“He has been boasting to his wife that he could hook up and sleep with any girl because he is handsome and has the money to do so.

Chellah’s wife started work earlier than him and when he was appointed press aide, he got her a job in the marketing department at the electricity supply company – Zesco.

“He is going around telling his friends and relatives that he is divorcing his wife because she was after his money,” the source alleged.

According to the source, Chellah and other inner circles to the President have acquired huge tracts of land in New Kasama which they believe is part of their wealth.

The source alleges that Chellah has been releasing sensitive information to selected media houses about President Sata’s health and secret whereabouts when the Head of State goes on disguised routine medical check ups.

“He has threatened journalists from the private and public media houses that will publish this story of stern action. The pompous for nothing young man has stepped on so many toes and seems to be living in a world of his own thinking that his position or that of PF will be everlasting. He since intends to grab his wife’s BMW,” the source alleged.

Over three weeks ago, intelligence officers searched Chellah’s house for classified documents around the PF leadership wrangles. Chellah is believed to be siding with the Wynter Kabimba and Fred M’membe group commonly referred to as the Cartel.

The State House official played a key role in distancing former Defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba by creating animosity between the Kasama businessman and President Sata to the aantage of Kabimba and the Cartel.

Source : Zambia Reports

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