CDC to blame for low reading levels – PETUZ

TEACHERS in primary schools are not to blame for low reading levels, says Primary Education Teachers Union of Zambia acting deputy general secretary Evans Chungu.

And Chungu says the transition from the Zambia Basic Education Course (ZBEC) to Zambia Primary Course (ZPC) following the abolition of basic education by the government should not make schools abandon some good teaching strategies.

In an interview yesterday, Chungu said it was wrong and unfair to heap the blame on teachers for the low reading levels in most public schools, especially in rural areas.

He explained that teachers were not curriculum developers but recipients of the curriculum from the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) that they were forced to implement.

Chungu said most of the reading programmes under the ZBEC were implemented hurriedly without proper consultations.

He observed that despite some programmes being good, they were implemented as replicas of certain developed countries.