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ICC Prosecutors Cite Grave Errors in Gbagbo Acquittal at Start of Appeal

THE HAGUE – Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court (ICC) said “grave errors” were made in acquittal last year of former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo, as they began their bid to overturn the decision at an appeals hearing on Monday. The ICC, the world’s first permanent war crimes court, said in January last year

Cameroon Silent on Reports That Detained Journalist Died in Military Custody

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON – Journalists and activists in Cameroon are calling on the government to respond to media reports this week that the military has killed in detention journalist Samuel Wazizi. The military detained Wazizi about a year ago for allegedly supporting anglophone separatists and he has not been seen in public since. Lawyer and rights

Cameroon Military Acknowledges Soldiers Arrested in Togo

YAOUNDE – Cameroon’s military says three of five men recently arrested by Togolese police and portrayed by Togolese media as notorious criminals who committed serious offenses against Togolese citizens are Cameroonian soldiers, while the other two are former convicts. The three military men stole weapons from the military headquarters in Yaoundé and went to Togo’s

Bomb Blast in Somalia Kills 4 During Eid Celebrations

At least four civilians were killed and more than 15 others were wounded in a bomb blast during Eid al Fitr celebrations outside the Somali town of Baidoa, witnesses said. Two of the dead are children, according to reports from the scene. The explosion occurred on Sunday afternoon as people performed traditional dances in a

HRW: DRC Police Kill 55 in Crackdown on Separatist Group

Police in the Democratic Republic of the Congo killed at least 55 people in April as part of a coordinated crackdown against a separatist religious group, according to a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released Tuesday. Bundu dia Kongo (BDK) leader Zacharie Badiengila, also known as Ne Muandu Nsemi, had previously called for his

Rwandan Genocide Suspect Appears Before Paris Court

PARIS – The United Nations has hailed the arrest of a wanted Rwandan genocide suspect, Felicien Kabuga, who appeared before a Paris court under heavy police protection on Tuesday. Kabuga’s court appearance came three days after French police arrested the 84-year-old at his apartment in the Paris suburb of Asnieres-sur-Seine, where officials say he had been living

Uganda High Court Rules Police Halting Bobi Wine Concerts Illegal

KAMPALA – Robert Kyagulanyi, a member of Uganda’s National Assembly popularly known as Bobi Wine says he is not excited about a court ruling that declared police orders to halt his concerts in the country illegal. Obiga Kania, Uganda’s internal affairs minister, says as long as the law says they can halt his shows, they will

UN Commission Calls for Criminal Accountability for South Sudan

United Nations investigators accuse South Sudanese leaders of widespread corruption and of trampling on the rights and fundamental freedoms of their people. The U.N. Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan presented its latest report to the U.N. Human Rights Council Monday. The U.N. commission accuses South Sudan’s leaders of deliberately starving their people while

Satellite detected waters extents, as of 4 March 2020 over Central, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province, Zambia

This map illustrates satellite-detected waters in Chitambo, Lunga, Samfya, Lavushimanda and Chilubi District; Central, Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province of Zambia as observed from Sentinel-1 imagery acquired on 4 March 2020. Within the analysed area of 10,000 km2, a total of about 705 km2 of land appear to be flooded. Based on Worldpop population data