Cashier manning health centre

CENTRAL Province minister Philip Kosamu on Monday learnt that a cashier is administering drugs to patients at Kapiri Mposhi’s Lunchu B rural health centre.

And Kosamu has instructed the Kapiri Mposhi district medical officer to send a qualified medic to the health centre.

This came to light when Kosamu decided to make an impromptu visit to the health facility on his way to Lunchu Basic School grounds where he went to drum up support for the PF parliamentary candidate in the April 23 by-election, Eddie Musonda.

“This is not acceptable. There’s no way we can have a clinic being manned by a cashier because a nurse is on maternity leave. There’s no way a cashier can be administering medicines to patients,” Kosamu said. “This is abnormal . . . it’s not normal. I want to see a nurse sent to this health facility almost immediately. We all become patients at times and patients deserve to be attended to by qualified medical personnel. We are all Zambians and should be treated equally.