Careful the way you impress your paymasters – UPND warns Lusambo, Cosmo

Opposition UPND in Kafue District has warned MMD Youth Cordinator and a pro-PF opposition leader Cosmo Mumba to tame their mouth as they priase their paymasters.

In a statement released Sunday, October 13, 2013, District Publicity Secretary Kwanga Pensulo advised the duo to tone down their language against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

“We wish to give a very timely and wise advise to the self-proclaimed MMD Die Hard Youth Bowman Lusambo that he  must tone down his language and give deserved due respect to the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema (HH),” Pensulo said.

He charged: “The recent utterances by Lusambo on ZNBC, Radio Phoenix  and Sunday Times  levelled against the UPND President is a clear indication of a young man highly misled by the paymaster  to appear like he knows something on the political platform when in essence is politically bankrupt.”

Pensulo said the UPND leadership and its Youths have always shown respect to other opposition  leaders ” (regardless whether they are leading briefcase political parties or parties which are sliding into oblivion)” and believe that they must have their share of offering checks and balances to the current confused government.”

“When HH called on unity among the opposition at the Mandevu rally, he meant just that and no amount of mudslinging or twisting of facts will change that fact,” he said. ”So for Bowman to equate himself and offer such non-progressive rhetoric against our leader is close to an insult. We the Youth and grassroots cannot take such irresponsible behaviour towards our President lightly.”

The UPND Kafue District says this is also a timely warning to the likes of Cosmo Mumba  who like making un-resourced and uncoordinated noise towards our leadership.

“Bowman and Cosmo hail from our peaceful Kafue District and we know their unproductive political approach.  We urge both to stop the “politics of the belly syndrome and come to terms with reality.”