Canisius Banda quits MMD for UPND vice-presidency

DR Canisius Banda has officially resigned from the MMD to take up the position of vice president for politics in UPND.

In letter dated April 19, 2013 and addressed to party national secretary Kapembwa Simbao, Dr Banda said the UPND was his new platform for his long-lived endeavour to serve the Zambians.

In a letter of appointment dated April 12, 2013, the UPND said Dr Banda’s appointment as vice-president for politics was a result of a National Management Committee (NMC) meeting held by the party.

“After much prayer and careful thought, and thorough consultations and finding I, in keeping with the existential and developmental values that I espouse such as freedom of inclusiveness, diligence, patriotism and tolerance, wish to notify your office that I have accepted this offer of vice-president,” the letter read in part.