Canisius Banda Labels PF Leaders Bamalukutu

United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president Doctor Canisius Banda says the Patriotic Front government has lost its legitimacy to govern having ascended to power on the basis of lies.

And Dr Banda labelled the PF government bamalukutu (liars) for having admitted that most of their promises were mere campaign rhetoric.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk on Friday, Dr Banda said the UPND was not poaching members from the opposition MMD but was open to anyone who found the party attractive.

Dr Banda, who was before joining UPND a member of the opposition MMD, said it was democratic choice to join or leave any political party.

“From the outset, allow me to state here that the Presidency of Michael Sata, the president of PF has lost all legitimacy to govern. Prior to the 2011 elections, they made promises and people’s hopes were raised today we know that this was a lie,” he said.