Calm returns to Tunduma

MUCHINGA Province police commissioner Lemmy Kajoba says the situation in Nakonde is back to normal after the border was closed on Wednesday.

In an interview, Kajoba said there has been no complaints made to the police by Zambians and that the police would remain alert for any eventualities.

“The situation has normalised and things are back to normal, at first the gates were not open although people were passing but as at now even vehicles are passing. Even on the other side (Tunduma) it seems normal,” Kajoba said.

He said police had received reports from some people that the tension between Christians and Muslims in Tunduma eased quickly because the latter were in abundance and forgave easily.

“They are saying it would have been worse had Tunduma been over-populated by Muslims,” he said.

On Wednesday, security on the Zambian side was placed on high alert to avert the confusion in Tunduma from filtering into Zambia.