Bwalya no longer priest – Fr Mpasa

CATHOLIC Church Vicar General for Mansa Fr Mambwe Mpasa says Frank Bwalya is no longer a priest because he cannot be a priest and president of a political party at the same time.
Fr Mpasa says his heart bleeds for the Catholic Church to lose an energetic young man like Bwalya.
“It is wrong for people to call him president Fr Bwalya because our Canon Law does not allow us to involve ourselves in politics up to that extent. We cannot hold political offices and at the same time be priests. And I think this is an impression that should be corrected. If he is a president, then he should ask the church to be freed from priesthood,” he said.
Fr Mpasa said he was saddened by Bwalya’s decision to leave the priesthood and join politics.
He wondered what better thing Bwalya had seen in politics than in priesthood, which made him leave the religious leadership.