Buy off SF2000, Sondashi appeals to Zambian Government

SF2000 founder Dr Ludwig Sondashi

SF2000 founder Dr Ludwig Sondashi

Founder of the SF2000  [Sondashi Formula], the HIV Remedy which was clinically proved to have the capacity to cure AIDS, Dr Ludwig Sondashi has asked the Zambian Government to buy off his drug so that more people can access it.

Sondashi,  a former Cabinet Minister in the Zambian Government said the government had to buy off the drug so that it could produce it in larger quantities for free and cheaper distribution to infected persons the way Anti-reutral Viral [ARVs] are distributed.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Sondashi said to this effect he had since allocated a total of KR800.000 will be given to the National Institute for Scientific Research [NSIR] to enable it to carry out safety clinical trials of the drug.

Sondashi said the trials which will take place in Ndola the capital of Zambia’s Copperbelt Province will commence next Month in February.

He said after the trials all that would remain were Efficacy Trials adding that he was confident that SF2000 would pass the trials.

He has since called on business houses and big pharmaceutical companies to go forward and support the project which he said was promising to humanity.