Bus loans, is it another Donchi Kubeba?

Chinese BusesBy Mendez Fernandez
Our PF government is at it yet again with the “Don’t kubeba theme”: It has brokered a loan access deal between Development Bank of Zambia and the Drivers Association of Zambia to enable poor Zambian Drivers access loans from the bank in order to buy 60 to 65 sitting Higer Buses from a Chinese Company at a cost of over $200,000 (ZMW1000, 000) cash to be paid directly by the DBZ to Higer Bus Company.
The Drivers will then have a 5 year payment plan with a computed commercial interested rate. However, as is the tradition with all Chinese products meant for 3rd world countries, the average life span of these buses is about 2 years (source: Shalom and Mazyandu Family Bus Services).
The most durable buses on Zambian roads are Irizar and Volvo Marcoplo buses.
A check at all garages owned by Shalom, Joldan and Mazyandu explains it all: the earliest fleet these companies bought from Higer are all on rocks. Surprisingly, amid the current national wide debate over the removal of subsidies on fuel and Maize, the President rushed to hand over two buses to the two beneficiaries way before the entire deal of 1000 buses could be completed between DBZ and Higer Bus Company.
And by the way, I thought Zambian roads especially here in Lusaka are very congested already. May be am wrong…